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Our focus in 2018 will be increasing our Biblical literacy! Isn’t it funny that I ended that sentence with an exclamation point? For many of us this idea of Biblical literacy is hardly exciting and not something we’d like to spend 12 months increasing - but I want to tell you why I am excited. God desires to know us and be known by us!

There are many ways that this is possible - but one of the most amazing ways is our opportunity to read the Bible, to see God’s story unfolding, to find ourselves in that story and to be transformed by this ancient book. 

In 2018 we’re going to fall in love with the Bible together. We’re going to understand what the Bible is and what it isn’t. We’re going to learn to read and understand it. Together we will work to understand why it was written, the original purpose and what it all means for us in 2018.

I truly believe that this year could be a remarkable year for you and your family in growing in your love for God through understanding and reading His Word.

All Things Get Renewed!

Andy Sikora
Lead Pastor



RenewFM will be starting The Gospel Project in January of 2018. We have carefully crafted a reading plan ideal for kids and families to read together that will track with the material they are learning as part of RenewFM. This is the ideal reading plan for anyone with kids!

• Grab a bookmark with the RenewFM Reading Plan at the beginning of each quarter

• Access the reading plan at renewcommunities.com/FMreading 

• Access the reading plan on the Renew Communities App



The folks at The Bible Project have developed a wonderful reading plan that takes you through the entire Bible in one year. If you’re ready to up your game and read the whole Bible in 2018 this is the plan for you! 

• Download the Read Scripture app (complete with info videos)

• Download the One Year Bible Reading Plan

• Access the reading plan on the Renew Communities App



As part of our year of the Bible we’ll be hosting a video lecture series centered on key themes and questions of the Bible from leading Biblical scholars. We are very excited about the level of knowledge and insight available to us through these teachings and we hope you’ll join us for as many of these lectures as possible.

January 28th
"The Making of the Bible" by Tim Mackie

February 25th
"Human Origins" by Dr. John Walton

May 20th
"Violence and Genocide in the Old Testament" by Josh Butler

June 24th
"Wisdom Literature in the Old Testament" by Tremper Longman

August 12th
"Who is Jesus" by Dr. Scot McKnight

October 28th
"The Early Church & Politics" by Tim Mackie



There are a ton of resources available that will help you and your family as you engage with the Bible in 2018. Here are some of the best and how you can get a hold of them.

The Read Scripture App
What you get: One Year Bible Plan & Intro videos to each book and key Biblical themes.

This is a rich resource you should spend some time with full of all sorts of info that makes understanding the Bible much easier!
What you get :: Intro videos to each book and key Biblical themes, two great podcasts (check out Exploring My Strange Bible!) and a very informative Blog. You can also sign up for weekly emails with a weekly Bible Reading Plan update.

We’re going to stock our connections table at Renew Communities with relevant books and different types of Bibles for you to get your hands on. We’ll also keep a running list at renewcommunities.com/bibleresources