A short book about following Jesus in everyday life.

Being a Christian has often been thought of primarily as taking place in your heart or your head but if you think of it in terms of following Jesus it should impact how you live your life on a daily basis. Throughout the story of Christianity, followers of Jesus have recognized the power of putting discipleship practices and disciplines into place, in order to build some consistency into their everyday spirituality. Some people look at these kinds of rhythms with suspicion, thinking they can create a sort of legalism. This is backwards thinking. A discipleship rhythm actually frees you to become the person you were called to be. What starts as a commitment to a new way of living can become your way of life.

This book is about The Rhythm of Renewal. Inside we'll talk about how you and your family can make these practices a regular part of your life, and how you might be able to invite others to join you.

R.E.N.E.W. is a weekly rhythm for the 5 Missional Practices that help us put the mission we’ve all been given into action.

It’s our hope that this rhythm will give you a tangible way to follow Jesus in your everyday life. We believe every person who is a part of Renew Communities should do all 5 of these practices each week so they can always have an answer for the question “how did you practice renewal this week?”


We have been given a wonderful gift from God in the form of the Bible. We press into it to learn about God, ourselves, our world and the mission Jesus modeled and passed onto each of us. We read, memorize and meditate on it daily.

Practice: Spend time daily reading and memorizing the Bible. Ask yourself what the Scripture is saying and how it applies to your life and the lives of those around you. Pray that God would work in your life according to what you’ve read that day.

MC Question: What have you read in the Bible this week? What did you learn & how has it impacted you and those around you?


Eating together has been a central Christian practices since the beginning of our movement. It fosters fellowship, community and creates an invitation to share life as we share a table with others.

Practice: I will eat at least 2 meals (or you can share coffee, dessert, etc.) with others this week. Eat once with a person from our church or your Missional Community and once with a non-Christian.

MC Question: With whom have you eaten this week and what learning, encouragement or concerns were raised by it?


Every Christian is a missionary SENT to carry the Hope we’ve found back to the places we live, work & play. We do this by actively loving our neighbors – those we are living next to (at home, work, school, the gym etc.) – through intentional blessing and sharing with them the hope we have found in Christ.

Practice: I will ask myself once daily (in places of life intersection) “who has God sent me to love” and how can I share the hope I’ve found in Christ with my neighbors.

MC Question: What neighbors have you intentionally loved this week and how did you love them? How have you shared the hope you have in Christ this week with the people you’ve been sent to love?


The Hebrew for “blessing” (barak) means “to empower to strength”.  We seek to pass God’s blessing on to others through words of affirmation, acts of kindness and tangible gifts.

Practice: I will bless three people this week – at least one of whom is a non-Christian.

MC Question: Who have you noticed this week and how did you bless them through words or actions?


We believe that God wants to speak to us, and we believe that we are capable of listening. We do not confine him to any particular medium, but we actively wait for his voice wherever and whenever He speaks.

Practice: I will spend one hour this week listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice.

MC Question: Have you heard or sensed any promptings from God this week? What are you going to do about it?