RenewFM Jump Yard.jpg

All families are invited to a fun night at The Jump Yard in North Royalton on Tuesday, February 28th from 6-8 PM.

We’ve reserved the whole building from 6 – 8 PM. Kids 2 years and up are $5 each. Parents are free. We hope you can come! RSVP by e-mail to by February 21st! Feel free to invite your friends, family and neighbors! 


RenewFM is also excited to partner with The Better Story Missional Community to help support the The Hope Center of Cleveland for Immigrants and Refugees. We will be collecting supplies the next three weeks on Sundays, as well as at the Renew FM Jump Yard event on Tuesday, February 28th from 6-8 PM!

Classroom supplies for ESL classes, citizenship courses and youth tutoring: pencils, pens, filler paper, pocket folders, 3-ring binders.

Healthy snacks for children in child care or tutoring: raisins, cereal bars, fruit rollups, etc. Individually wrapped is best. 

Paper products for the Hope Center Café area: paper or styrofoam cups, plates; napkins, stirrers, plastic spoons/forks.

Coffee and tea supplies for Center Café: pounds of coffee, tea, non-dairy creamer, sugar packets