Have you ever had a difficult time reading the Bible? Does you feel like the Bible is for another time and another place and not for you here and now? We believe that God’s Story is your story and when we understand its plot we can read the Bible with greater clarity and purpose. Join us for a 7-week class starting February 19th during the 11.15 AM gathering to gain an overarching framework of the Bible as well as learn skills to help you grow in your ability to read the Bible.

February 19 - Intro: What's the Bible and what's the point
February 26 - Creation: What we were created for
March 5 - Fall: How it all hit the fan
March 12 - Israel: Why Israel is actually the center of God's Story
March 19 - Jesus: The climax of the Story of God
March 26 - Restortation: Life after life after death
April 2 - Church: The Story of God ain't over...we need you

During this study you will:

  1. Understand the overall Story of God.
  2. Get tools to read the Bible for yourself.

  3. Receive ways to speak about the Bible to others.

  4. Find your place in the Story of God.

  5. Become a lifelong lover, learner, and actor in the Story of God.

Email curtis@renewcommunities.com to register.