We're beginning to rollout some changes with the software our church uses for online giving and kids check-in. For the first five years we’ve used The City for this and Planning Center to schedule volunteers but this fall we’ll bring it all together in Planning Center. This will save our church money, give you only one password to remember for all things Renew and (we hope) eliminate some frustration we’ve experienced with check-in on Sunday mornings.

How to Give Online through Planning Center
Today I just want to share how you can make the change with your online giving. As always you can continue to give as part of our worship gathering and you’ll be able to find all the information and direct link to our online giving page at renewcommunities.com/give/. To make one-time donations you can follow the links found there or go straight to http://renewcommunities.churchcenteronline.com/  

How to End Recurring Donations on The City
Many people have set-up recurring donations to Renew Communities on The City. We are unable to transfer these from The City to Planning center. These gifts will automatically terminate on November 15th but you can make the transition TODAY.

To Delete Your Recurring Donation from The City
+Log into the City
+Click on the “Giving” tab on the left of the screen
+Click on the “Donation Status” tab at the top of the page
+Click on the Box with a Pencil to the right of your next scheduled donation
+Scroll to the bottom of that page and click “Delete Series”

How To Add Your Recurring Donation to Planning Center
(you can watch a video that outlines these steps here)
+Go to renewcommunities.churchcenteronline.com/giving
+Click the login button at the top of the page
+Enter your email address and you’ll immediately be emailed a unique login link that expires in 30 minutes (no password to remember for giving ever!)
+In the email click “log in now” 
+Fill out your personal information and Payment Methods
+Click “Add a Recurring Donation”
+Enter the amount you wish to donate regularly
+Select how often and when you’d like the donation to occur
+Select your Payment Method
+Click “Start Giving….”
+You’re all set!

Planning Center’s Online Giving Security
In case you’re wondering about security Planning Center Giving uses Stripe as it’s payment processor to store customer payment data. Credit cards and customer bank information never enters our database. Instead, it goes straight to Stripe, a Level 1 PCI Service Provider