Renewing Christmas

The power of Christmas is that Jesus became one of us and moved into the neighborhood to meet our needs. What if that’s what Christmas was all about this year? How could you, your family and your friends move into your neighborhood, workplace or school and meet people’s needs in the same way? That’s what “Renewing Christmas :: The Neighborhood Project” is all about.

Visit to find how you, your family or missional community can help those in need this season.


renewfm christmas party

December 9th at 5pm

Join the kids on December 9th at 5pm for the RenewFM Christmas Party! We will be partnering with the Haven Home Mission Community to help provide some supplies for the women and children at the Haven Home shelter. We’ll also have games and food and we’ll be showing a Christmas movie!

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Advent Devotionals

We’re excited to offer two different devotional opportunities for you and your family that can be used separately or together.

David VanHal has developed an Advent Prayer Book that includes scripture, prayer and songs for reading and reflection from December 2nd through the entire Christmas season that will coincide with our Advent sermon series. You can download it here, view it on the Renew app or grab a hard copy at our Connections table.

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The second opportunity is The Wonder of the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp available for $20 at the Connections Table. This book uses stories throughout scripture to point to the promised birth of Jesus and includes an Advent Tree with ornaments that is great for your whole family!

4|32 Board

Our 4|32 board is a place for people at Renew to express and meet needs – to be the church together, loving & serving one another. Check it out here. 

"All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had." - Acts 4:32

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To hear the songs we sang this week, Click here.


December 2, 2018

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