God sent his son, Jesus, to Earth to take on flesh and blood and live amongst humanity. That's just what he did - he lived life - he worked, ate and interacted with the people. In his In his living the people around him were able to get a true understand of what God was truly like. Jesus came so that all people, places and things could be renewed to a right relationship with God. In the same way, we believe we are missionaries sent into our culture to renew all things to God through Jesus. We live this out as part of a missional community. (John 1:14; 20:21; Colossians 1:19; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21)


UP - Loving God
IN - Loving One Another
OUT - Loving the World

There are multiple platforms that we're working to create so that you can live a life on mission. Take some time to learn more about missional communities below.

A Missional Community is the people of God on mission together. 

It is a group of 10-40 Christ followers who embody and declare the Gospel to a specific people, neighborhood or network of relationships.

The goal is to help people become and grow as disciples of Jesus as they work to consistently and creatively serve their specific mission focus. An MC exists to love their neighbor [OUT], love God [UP] and love each other [IN]. 


Missional Communities are different than your average small group and Bible Study. Below is a taste of what MC's are like as seen through Renew’s core values.

Encountering Jesus

  • MC has a regular rhythm of connecting UP with God in various ways such reading his word together and prayer
  • MC creates a space where non-Christians or new Christians can comfortably encounter Jesus
  • The MC encourages one another to develop a regular rhythm of encountering Jesus in their personal life (ex. RENEW Rhythm)
  • The MC has a space where people can share their Jesus encounters

Innovative Mission

  • The MC has a clear missional focus [OUT] which functions as the organizing principle of the group
  • Specific OUT ideas are developed from within the group, not through Renew staff (Everyone Plays)
  • MC participants seek to be missional both as a group and in their individual lives (ex. RENEW Rhythm)
  • The MC participants are regularly inviting non-christians to serve side-by-side with them during their OUTs

Extended Family

  • MC participants eat together, both inside and outside of designated MC times.
  • MC participants share life together outside of the MC (ex. Grab a coffee, go to a game, participate in activities together.)
  • MC has a culture of fun and laughter
  • MC participants pray for one another
  • Non-Christians/new Christians feel comfortable joining into the life of the MC
  • The MC has ways for kids to engage in the life of the MC

Catalytic Celebration

  • MC OUTs are planned and celebrated during the meetings
  • MC celebrates those who step up in group, whether leading an UP time, facilitating an IN meal, or making a special contribution in an OUT activity
  • MC leaders gleans stories that can be celebrated in the Main Gathering

Simple Reproduction

  • MC cares about reproduction at every level: disciples, leaders, and groups.
  • MC leaders identify promising future MC leaders within their present group and seek to develop the leadership skills necessary to lead an MC
  • MC reproduces when God calls a subset of the group to a new missional focus


Building Agape Marriages

Building stronger marriages in and for our community

Ogum & Angelica Brewer - Angelicalbrewer@gmail.com & OFbrewer@gmail.com

Time: First and Third Friday's at 7 PM
Location: The Brewer’s in Parma Heights


Fostering discipleship in our unique circles

Stephen Quella Jr. - squellajr@gmail.com
Rebecca Quella - rquella@gmail.com

Time: 2nd & 4th Thursdays at 6.30 PM
Location: Usually the Quella's home in the Jefferson neighborhood of Cleveland.


Building a loving, praying, disciplining community that serves the needs of Laura’s Home and The City Mission.

Tom & Linda Uveges – luveges@thecitymission.org
Mike & Jen Medved - jenmedved@yahoo.com

Time: First and Third Thursday at 7 PM
Location: Laura's Home in Cleveland


Sharing life around the table, and seeking to live out the Renew rhythms as a group.

Steve Hisey - stevendestiny@gmail.com

Time: First and third Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Location: The Hisey’s home in the West Park area of Cleveland.


Serving the oppressed and overlooked throughout our city in partnership with OhioGuidestone.

Chris & Bethany Solyntjes – chris@renewcommunities.com

Time: Second and fourth Wednesday at 6.30 PM
Location: The Solyntjes’ in Middleburg Heights


Moms reaching out to moms in the community and serving at the Cleveland Pregnancy Center.

Chelsea Gumucio - chelsea.l.gumucio@gmail.com & Melissa Landis - mlandis608@aol.com

Time: Thursdays at 10 AM.
Location: Meeting at homes in the Berea / Olmsted Falls area


Engaging scripture to discover and live out the Nature of Christ to our everyday network.

Bryan Baker - bryanedwardbaker2@gmail.com & Erika Baker - erikajanebaker@gmail.com

Time: Second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 PM
Location: The Baker’s in Strongsville

Nourish the Body, Feed the Soul

Sharing meals around the table to build relationships with women and children experiencing homelessness. 

Michael & Danielle Davies - davies8214@gmail.com

Time: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesdays at 6 PM
Location: The Davies in North Ridgeville & The City Mission in Downtown Cleveland

RENEW Olmsted Falls

Living the RENEW rhythm together in and around Olmsted Falls.

Andy Sikora - andy@renewcommunities.com

Time: First Friday at 6.30pm (w/ other connections  monthly)
Location: Sikora's in Olmsted Township

Rocky river

Seeking to be a community that demonstrates the Gospel in tangible ways through living out the Renew rhythms. 

Rob & Lauren Chaney – chaney.rj@gmail.com

Time: Second and Fourth Wednesdays at 6:30PM
Location: The Chaney’s in Rocky River


Sharing life together with our neighbors and their families through shared meals, children's lesson, and guided prayer time in Rocky River and for those nearby (Lakewood, etc.).

Matt & Naomi Buehrle - mattburly@gmail.comtablegatherings.blogspot.comfacebook.com/tablegather

Time: First and third Fridays at 6 PM
Location: The Buehrle's house in the "Library Streets" neighborhood in Rocky River


Creating the space in our life to be “at home” with Christ and to bring love, laughter & light with our friends & neighbors.

Joe Boyle – JoeBoyle207@gmail.com

Time: First and third Wednesday at 7 PM
Location: Meetings are hosted at families homes located in the West Park area (Near Kamms Corners) or Parma.


  • Fill out a communication card on a Sunday morning and drop it in the giving box.
  • Contact Curtis Carnes, Pastor of Missional Discipleship at curtis@renewcommunities.com and he will help you find a good fit.


Is God leading you to start a new Missional Community? It’s really easy to get things moving. Before you get moving though, it’s important to think through these three questions:

  1.  Why do you want to start an MC?
  2.  What specific missional focus has God laid on your heart?
  3.  What will be the connection point for your MC?

Once you can answer these questions, you’re ready to start the process:

  • Read the Missional Communities Leader’s Guide (available on the Resources page)
  • Meet with a Renew Communities team member to discuss mission focus, location and timing
  • Email Curtis Carnes at curtis@renewcommunities.com for questions and information.


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