Facility Use Policy

Renew Communities is grateful to have such a wonderful facility to use for our regular church activities but we are even more grateful that those within our church and community can use this facility to see new ideas take root and grow! We have outlined building availability, guidelines and costs associated with building usage and the process for requesting space within the building.

The Facility’s primary uses will be The Greenhouse Co-Work Space, The Greenhouse Gallery and Renew Communities Sunday Worship Gatherings. Additional requests for building usage will be processed with the primary uses dictating availability.

The Facility is available for use:

Monday – Friday from 6 pm – 10pm
Saturday from 8a – 3pm
Sunday availability will be reviewed upon request


If you are a leader of a Renew Missional Community or Huddle you can apply to use the facility for a one-time events or for short seasons. We want to encourage the regular meetings of these groups to continue to meet throughout our community continuing our initial vision that the church exist where we live, work and play.

Building use is free for these groups but each group must clean the rooms used (including the kitchenette when used) and reset the rooms as they were found. You will be provided with a checklist for each room you use.

Please fill out our Building Usage Application.

Outside Groups & Individual Usage

If you would like to host a one-time or short-term event/class/conference at Renew Communities please read and fill out our building application.