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CrossCurrent is an 8-week Christ-centered introductory journey into relational healing and wholeness for both men and women.

It invites us to envision a holistic view of our relationship with God, family, significant others, and our friends while equipping us to cultivate healthier connections with each. Led by Kevin and Sondra Rush - who recently brought us The Great Exchange event - you will begin to grasp a deep understanding of your desire for love, sex, friendship and companionship that reveals the heart of God for you as you begin your healing journey.

CrossCurrent starts Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 at 7-9:30p and runs consecutively through May 2nd. Each week we will gather here for a time of worship, teaching, testimony and gender specific small group discussion and prayer. Throughout this time the unique complexities of desire, sexuality, and relationships can be addressed candidly, yet treated with the kindness and care it deserves. We encourage you to join us for all 8 weeks, but if you can only make it to a few that is alright as well. The CrossCurrent workbook is $10. It is optional, but encouraged. This is completely free, but a quick RSVP below is appreciated!


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Q: Is this open to people outside of Renew?
A: Yes, CrossCurrent is an open group format, open to anyone who is interested in a Christ-centered healing journey!

Q: Can I join in if I can’t make it the first week?
A:  Yes! It is not mandatory to commit to participating every week, although someone who commits to the whole 8 weeks has greater opportunity for deeper healing.

Q:  Can I invite new people to join the journey once it starts?
A: Yes, we encourage it. New people can come join us anytime during the 8-week program.

Q: What are we going to talk about?
A: CrossCurrent points us to the hope we share in Christ!  The eight teachings that make up CrossCurrent include topics like Getting Real: Jesus and the True Self, Getting Healed: How Jesus on the Cross Bears our Wounds, Becoming Secure in the Father’s Love and Beyond Brokenness. No matter how broken or hopeless we may feel God upholds us in hope. His love never fails!

Q: I’m interested, but not sure I have experienced relational or sexual brokenness to the level that others have. Is it still for me?
A: Yes! As long as you are willing to be open to what God has for you in your journey, Cross Current is the perfect place to explore healing.

Q: When can I get the book?
A: Sign up on the form and we will arrange to get it to you when CrossCurrent starts or before if you would like.

If you have any questions email