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Update | November 21, 2017

The power of Christmas is that Jesus became one of us and moved into the neighborhood to meet our needs. What if that’s what Christmas was all about this year?  How could you, your family and your friends move into your neighborhood, workplace or school and meet people's needs in the same way?  That’s what “Renewing Christmas :: The Neighborhood Project” is all about.


Think: Who do you know that’s in need right now?  Maybe they’ve lost a job or a loved one or were hit hard by the recent hurricanes. Maybe there’s health difficulties or there’s trouble at home.  Maybe they’re lonely or hurting.  

Brainstorm: What could be done to meet that need? Could you…

  • Provide food for the holidays

  • Provide Christmas gifts for the family

  • Pay for some outstanding bills

  • Provide money or supplies for repair work

  • Bring a crew to their house to fix things up

  • Commit to spending time with them

  • Invite them to special activities with your friends and family

Invite: Who do you know that you could invite to serve these friends/coworkers/neighbors with you? Think friends, other neighbors, classmates, coworkers, extended family or members of your missional community or huddles.

There are probably others from our church who would like to help. Fill out the form below with the info on your project by Friday, November 17th We'll share the details on Sunday morning at our gatherings and on so others can join in.

Tell the Story: We want to hear about what God’s doing in your neighborhood so we can celebrate with you! Email the results of your project to

Active Christmas Projects

The Refugee Bike Project

There are thousands of refugees living in the greater Cleveland area who are working hard to make a life for their families in this new country. A Lakewood man has decided to help in this effort by providing bikes for refugees to enable them a quicker form of transportation to both simplify their life and give them more time with their families. If you would like to help in this endeavor you can donate used bikes for repair and they’ll be given to refugees in need!

Contact :: David Mariano : : (216) 233-3217


Friends & Family of Alia Bailey Metro Hospital Gift Drive

Back in January of 2017 6 year old, Alia Bailey was killed in a car accident, when a drunk driver hit the car that Alia and her mom were in. Alia’s mother, Nancy, suffered two broken legs, among other injuries. Both were taken to Metro Hospital in Cleveland, but sadly, Alia never regained consciousness. In honor of Alia we will be collecting gifts for children in Metro Hospital this Christmas! 
Gifts can be dropped off at The Berea Elks on Sunday, Dec. 17th from 2-4pm where families can wrap their gifts, eat cookies, make ornaments for and meet Alia’s family. You can also donate cookies, craft items for ornaments, wrapping paper or hot chocolate for the event!

Contact : Amy Murray : : (440) 666-6890


Help for a Hurting Family

I was made aware, through DCFS, of a family in need. Just this year Monique went though a divorce and left her to care for her 7 children. She was then violently car jacked and suffered some pretty serious injuries and is also now suffering from PTSD, which has made it difficult for her to work. It has also made it difficult to keep up with her finances and has made Christmas next to impossible. There are 7 kids with an age range of 7-17. They are asking for a gaming system, kindle, musical instruments, make up, WWE action figures, art sets, hair stuff, stuff from Bath and Body Works, Nail polish, clothes, a drone, sports equipment, board games, and any age appropriate toys. Mom would love some new cookware and anything for her kitchen.

Contact : Erica Bodenmiller : : (440) 532-0440


A New Car for Cassandra

Cassandra lives on the East Side of Cleveland. Her son is a straight “A” student and interned at NASA this summer. He’s praised by his teachers, has a strong faith, and works hard. The neighborhood they live in is rough. Last year, the Captain of the Football team was shot randomly. A year prior to that, another honor student was shot, purposefully, because he wouldn’t join a gang. For this reason, Cassandra and her son only go outside during the day. Much of their lives revolves around staying safe. 

Cassandra has a degree in dental hygiene. But she also has Lupus, fibromyalgia, and sciatica. She needs a working car and she also needs a new place to live. Mostly she needs to be able to get her son safely to school and back. 

Contact : Jessica Moore : : (216) 798-9023


Help a “Safe Families” Family

This family has been part of Safe Families and just graduated from Laura’s Home. She is in the process of getting housing thru Sec 8 and hopes to move before Christmas because  that would be her Christmas present to them. We would like to collect gifts for the mom (Romesha) and her 3 girls Jemera 9, Jordyn 6, Jade 3 months. 

Contact : Donna Schuster  : : (216) 544-8867


Family Christmas Dream

This family suffered the extreme hardship of losing their 9 year old daughter in a fire 2 days before Christmas last year.  This year the thought of Christmas is extremely difficult with reminders triggering their still fresh memories of their loss.  The family hoped to travel together in an attempt to create a new Christmas memory.  Unfortunately, this family suffers from many financial struggles also.  They have never been able to vacation together.  We are hoping to raise $1,500 to help this family have their Christmas Dream of traveling together to reconnect as a family, endure the memory of the passing of their daughter/sister, and create a more positive memory of the Christmas season.

Contact:, (330) 419-0135


Support for Refugee Family from Afghanistan

A mother and her 14 yr old son moved to the US in December 2016. She left because of persecution and violence, including physical and mental traumas. Her medical condition prevents her from working and she is behind in her rent and unable to provide for her son. They need monetary help for the rent and also winter clothing and school supplies. They also need more interaction with Americans.

Contact: Elke Quade :, (708) 288-9348


Project Give: GRE

The goal of this project is to help a BW student who needs to take the GRE for entrance into grad school. This past season she has faced some difficult circumstances and when she tried to take the GRE this fall she got to the testing center she wasn’t allowed to take the test since her name was spelled wrong, and they wouldn’t refund the $250 she paid for the test. The goal of this project is to help lighten the financial burden of applying for graduate school and express the love of Jesus in a tangible way in the midst of her difficult season.

Contact: Paige Lindauer : (716) 548-5543


Donations for the Dower's  

Tyree Dower suffered from a severe seizure on July 23rd. After efforts from his wife, 14 year old son, and EMTs, they were able to regain a pulse. However, because of the severity and amount of time, too much damage was done to his brain. He passed away August 13th.

Tyree and his wife Awilda, had four children Jai-len, Aidan, Naila, and Jaxon. After his death, the trauma continued. Aidan (14) was then diagnosed with the same condition as his father and Naila (age 9) spent many days in the hospital suffering from a intersession of her intestines. Their basement then flooded which included their living space and Aidan's bedroom. They have been left with massive hospital bills and bills to repair the ruined lower level of the home.

Contact: Holly Hemminger : : (419) 239 5715


Help Homeless Women & Children

The Women and Children homelessness crisis continues to escalate. The Nourish the body, feed the Soul MC has been doing meals twice a month and providing additional supports where possible. We would like to raise additional funds to offset the cost of the meal as well as provide additional clothing kits and warm clothes for the winter months.

Contact: Michael & Danielle Davies : : (716) 228-4485


Building Hope In The City Christmas Store

Partner with the The Table MC as they buy gifts to support Building Hope in The City’s Christmas Store. The gifts provided will give urban families the opportunity to afford new gifts at a fraction of the retail cost at our one-day Store! You can provide Super Heroes, Sports Equipment, Board Games, Gifts for Teens, Dolls, Star Wars Toys, Legos, Preschool Toys.

Contact: Matthew Buehrle : : (216) 246-7395


Help my friend Garret Berge

Garret has a rather complex disease known as Sarcoidosis and has to endure 5 HOURS of Dialysis every other day to keep his organs functioning. He is VERY much in need of a new kidney. To help Garret you can donate technology (used ipads, ipods, iiphones, tablets, MP3 players, etc) as he owns and operates his own tech repair business. You could also to help get Laugh4TheCure Foundation up and running. He needs $3,000.00 to get it up and going.

Contact: Nathan Kowalik : : (763) 350-4851