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The power of Christmas is that Jesus became one of us and moved into the neighborhood to meet our needs. What if that’s what Christmas was all about this year?  How could you, your family and your friends move into your neighborhood, workplace or school and meet people's needs in the same way?  That’s what “Renewing Christmas :: The Neighborhood Project” is all about.

Take a few minutes to read through the projects below and see how you would like to help someone experience the love of Jesus this Christmas. If you have any questions please reach out to the project lead via email listed below and they’ll give you specific ways you can help!

Renewing Christmas Project List

Ohio Guidestone Acts of Kindness Project

We are collecting small, $5 or less, items that can be used for OhioGuidestone's new Acts of Kindness program to help teach and encourage children in their 24/7 residence for abused children. These items will be used to reward these children for acts of kindness displayed towards other children and staff.

Items Needed :: $5 items for boys & girls ages 8-17 year olds. 
Toy Examples: Art supplies, games, sports items, kid jewelry, puzzles, snacks & treats (no red40 or peanuts), costumes  
Gift card Examples ($5): McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Dollar General, Burger King, Walmart, Target

Building Families One at a Time

We have adopted two families this Christmas. One family is a married couple that has taken in an entire family from froster care. The second family that we adopted is a single mom who has hit some hard times and needs some help with her three toddlers. Here’s what’s still needed:
(brother) winter coat 3x , pants 38x32
(sister) winter coat 3x , pants 12-16w shirts 1x-2x
(step brother) pants 30x32 and tee shirts (M)
(dad) socks large
(my student) mp3 player, winter coat large, socks large
(niece) clothes 2m, socks, swing winter coat.
(son) 6-7 clothes shoes 13 big remote control car/ truck
(son) 5-6 clothes 12 shoes big remote control Truck/car

Transportation for The Julie Adams House

The Julie Adams House is a sober living community for women. Their mission is to enhance the emotional, social, and spiritual health of women afflicted with addiction by providing an affordable, safe, clean, and sober environment. Recently, the Julie Adams House had a change in administration and was left with many different projects and needs. When I came to them and asked for their greatest need right now, they explained that they were in need of a van to transport several girls to different AA meetings and different appointments that the women need to attend. My ideal van would be one of those passenger vans, however, they have stated that they would take anything that can take more than 5 girls at a time. You can give via their GoFundMe page.

Help for Helen

An old friend of our MC has been plagued by hard-to-diagnose stomach issues over the last few years. She is in the final years of her career as a youth therapist/social worker, lives alone, and has little family in the area. Helen’s bills have been mounting up as she’s had to take so much time off from work for emergency hospital stays and just feeling so bad that she can’t work. We’d like to lighten her financial burden by providing groceries to her for a few months by raising money to purchase Helen some Giant Eagle gift cards in denominations of $25-$100. Our goal is $900.

Gift cards can be handed to Joe Boyle, Matt Moore, or Jessica Moore Sundays. Text Matt Moore at 216.640.5557 for other delivery options.  Deadline is 12/22

Help Victims of an Apartment Fire

About a week before Thanksgiving, there was a bad fire at a local apartment complex. Four units are destroyed, and the entire building that caught fire has been evacuated. This is obviously devastating for the people it’s affected. In partnership with the apartment community we are collecting gift cards for these families (Target, Walmart, Giant Eagle, etc.), to help them get essentials/holiday items they may have lost in the fire.

Help a Young Woman Who Just Lost Her Mom

My friend and former student lost her mom on the day before Thanksgiving.  Her family has been struggling financially even before the loss.  Now, they need to raise $3,000 before they can have a proper funeral and burial.  Donations can be made via this GoFundMe page.  Feel free to contact Angela Nogle with any questions at 440-724-2337.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Every little bit helps.

“While you're at Target…” or Helping Homeless Women & Children [PROJECT COMPLETE]

...would you consider purchasing items to fill care kits for the women and children staying at Haven Home? The Breaking Bread MC is hoping to restock the immediate needs closet for those staying in the emergency overflow homeless shelter. This Christmas season the focus is on diaper kits and toiletry kits.

Specific Needs are as follows:
-Diapers in all sizes (more in larger sizes 3, 4, 5, & 6), Pull Ups, Baby wipes (less than 50ct per package - Huggies 24 ct from the Dollar Tree are perfect)

Travel Sizes (new and name brand are greatly appreciated):
Toothbrushes (individually packaged), Toothpaste, Hand sanitizer, Deodorant (mens & womens), Chapstick, Bar Soap (Dove, Aveeno, Olay), Small packs of tissues, Shampoo & Conditioner - equal amounts of each, please! (Shea Moisture, Creme of Nature, Organix, Suave w. Shea Butter, etc. ), Q-Tips travel packs


This fall, a single mom and her 9 year old son became homeless because of some unfortunate circumstances out of their control. She works a full time job, and has a steady income and she's doing everything she can to provide for the two of them. She's trying to catch up on bills while somehow saving to secure a place to live. They've spent nights in their car and in the basement of a church. For Christmas this year, I'd love to raise enough money for a security deposit and to pay some of their old bills so they can have a stable place to stay for the new year. These two deserve so much more than than they have at the moment, and I want to show them God's love this Christmas.

Specific Needs - I’ve started a GoFundMe to raise the money they need to catch up, along with enough for a security deposit. I’m sure they would also welcome any gifts. She loves the color purple and anything that sparkles! Her son is 9 years old and loves basketball.

Christmas Gifts for Single Mom & Kids [PROJECT FULLY FUNDED]

This project is to help a mom and her 2 young daughters from Renew. Mom works two jobs. She was recently hospitalized for a week due to reccurring health issues, and the time missed from work has put her in a really tight financial situation. Our desire is to provide Christmas gifts and gift cards to give them a Christmas to remember!

Christmas for Foster Family [PROJECT FULLY FUNDED]

We want to help provide Christmas presents for Kim Starks and her four kids: Chris, Janiah, Jeremiah, and Kiana. If you feel like you have heard those names before, it’s because you have! Janiah and JT stayed with Curtis and Nancy Carnes for awhile and belonged to Renew during their stay. Our MC wants to help provide Christmas gifts as she continues to get onto her feet. We are seeking to raise $300 to buy a gift card for gifts. Then we will go shopping for her so that the gifts will come from her, not us.

Renewing Christmas in Memory of Jason Michael "JJ" Kraus [PROJECT FULLY FUNDED]

On September 12, 2018, baby JJ Kraus was born into this world without a heartbeat - just one month before his due date. For the Krauses, the birth of JJ was long awaited, and now dad Jason, mom Nicole and the entire family are experiencing the unimaginable. We hope to raise $5,000 to cover lingering medical and funeral expenses as this family makes the journey through a very difficult season that would have been filled with so many "firsts" for them. You can donate here.

Christmas Gifts for Single Mom and Family [PROJECT FULLY FUNDED]

A single mom and her children are facing the difficult reality of their new family circumstances including financial hardship. We want to make sure this family can still have Christmas and are hoping to collect $400 in Amazon gift cards so mom can purchase gifts for her kids this Christmas.

Finishing Touches on A Home for a Homeless Family [PROJECT FULLY FUNDED]

The City Mission and AXA have been refurbishing a house that a homeless mom and kids from Laura’s Home will soon occupy. Over $40,000 has already been invested but a few items still need to be completed for the family to move in.

  • Refinishing Floors throughout the house - $920

  • Refinishing Basement floor to remove oil stains - $300

  • Painting in the daughters rooms - $80

We are looking to raise $1,300 to help complete this project! You can give money directly to Renew Communities with “New Horizon Home Christmas” in the memo line.

A Car to Get Through a Rough Journey [PROJECT FULLY FUNDED]

There is a pregnant single mom who has lost her home, much of her income and she has a car that keeps having problems that she can’t rely on. We are hoping to come up with funds to bless her with a repaired car (her car is worth $500 and has been nothing but problems) to visit her daughter and get to work and back. With enough help we could even bless her with a more reliable car. We want to show her that she is seen and God loves her. We will also be surrounding her with our Missional community to walk this journey with her.